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Revosol PVC Free Plastisol

Revosol™-PVC Free Plastisol
User Friendly Innovation
Patented Green Technology


American Precoat Group specializes in innovative closure and packaging technologies. As a market leader in sealing compounds for plastic and metal closures, the company sets standards for innovation , quality and reliability. American Precoat Group brings “REVOSOL®” – the worlds first Food Grade PVC Free Plastisol made out of true Polyolefins. This is an initiative from the group to be in line with the forthcoming regulatory compliances for various products to the Food and Beverage industry. Environmental concerns such as Health and Safety, Sustainability and tougher food and beverage laws which are on the verge of prohibiting usage of carcinogenic monomers like vinyl chloride in the Food and beverage packaging chain prompted us to develop PVC Free food grade plastisol.

REVOSOL® comes as a complete system comprising of the following :

N-SOL in comparison to PVC Plastisol has the following added advantage :

Internal Lacquers

REVOSOL® finds its application in the packaging industry where it can be used in Lug Caps, Crowns and ROPP closures as the gaskets.

Commercial trials already completed at line speed of 400 caps/min without any modifications during the application of REVOSOL® system on the existing PVC Plastisol lines. For specific details please contact us, we will be glad to help you.

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