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American Precoat is a Multicultural entity which serves customers around the world with products ranging from Special Steel like Electroalloy Plating and Tin Free Steel, Speciality Sealing Systems, Surface Property Extenders, Speciality Chemicals for use in Steel, Plastic, Consumer Domain and Food & Beverages.

One stop shop for all solutions in Contract Research Testing or Cause and Effect Analysis in the field of Food, Beverage, Medicine, automotive and infrastructure industries.

Together, American Precoat’s essential elements of Mission, Values, Vision and Strategy describe, why we are here, who we are, what we intend to do. These essential elements provide insight, offer motivation and lead us forward as we seek to grow and achieve our goals. Our Motto is “Smile with science.”

With all our achievements and success stories; it’s easy to see why we generate a feel good factor in what we do……



Just as a waterfall is shaped by natural features below the surface, the direction that your product takes flow is from your challenges. Our job is to help you navigate the twists and turns that lead to an entire solution.

At American Precoat, we work with the customer towards improving their operations and achieving greater benefits by application of our products.

Our products are a proof of our commitment to life. Our Innovations are continually aimed at reducing the carbon footprint and our current offerings do have the lowest carbon footprint in the industry.

American Precoat views its products and service quality as being defined by its customers. We work closely to understand their businesses and their expectations. This close working relationship help us to better meet our customer’s expectations today and to anticipate and meet their future needs.

Creative Support


Originality and functionality.

Intuition and Knowledge.

Passion and vision.

These are what drive us.

You hold the vision and it’s our job to help make it a reality. You can count on our unwavering support to help fuel your product breakthroughs. From initial consultation to responsive after sales support, American Precoat stays with you.

We strive to provide our customers the best of products and the latest of technologies, in combination with excellent service, setting a benchmark in the industry.

Our shadow customers are our partners in creation value: their loyalty is our greatest reward.
We won’t be satisfied until you’re satisfied



Wherever you are in need of for support, you can count on us to stay close to your challenges.

Whether you’re an end user, Pre-engineered building fabricator, Converter for beverage industry, Steel manufacturers, Pharmaceutical company, Bulk drug User etc. it is our job to support your vision and help your bring it to life. Count on American Precoat to stand with you through all phases of every struggle, from initial planning through execution and follow-up support.

Even on the most demanding end use applications where specialized knowledge is vital, American Precoat works closely with you to perfect your solutions.
With more than 24 patents, our Center for Technology Development through SRF is always ready to support your project with our expertise in product knowledge of speciality chemicals and our penchant for innovations.
With the doors of communication always open we will respond to your needs to ensure your success. We want you to know that you are always our first priority.



Imagination points to all we may discover, while knowledge defines how we can get there.
We will never stop striving to help you combine both.

Our goal is to help the converters, end users, building solution providers, steel manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies; bulk drug users realize their vision across a wide spectrum of Industrial segments such as Infrastructure, Food, Beverages, Steel, Consumer Durables, Medical and Automotives.

American Precoat understands the functional needs of these industries.

We combine imagination with knowledge to help you specify the right solutions to your area of project.


Our specific solutions for the infrastructure industry includes coatings for Pre-painted steel i.e. coil coatings, Extrusion coatings, Protective coatings, that find usage in wide range of Industrial, Commercial and Residential applications. These coatings can be applied for many end uses such as Architectural, Heavy Machinery Equipments etc.

Includes White Goods, Cell Phones and Items of day to day use by common people…

Consumer durables such as Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Microwave, Air Conditions, Vizi coolers etc, require coatings which combine super performance and stylish color options.American Precoat Coatings deliver the required aesthetics and performance requirements for major appliances. Electrophoretic coatings for Mobile phone helps in preventing the damage to the blood brain barrier, the function of which is to stop harmful substances in the blood from entering the brain. We also manufacture specialize Polyols for PUF Panels for insulation, car seats, foot wear etc.


American Precoat offers coatings for Steel which find applications on metal buildings, insulation panels, doors and window frames, structural steel to name a few.

These coatings apart from imparting aesthetic value to the steel, also gives protection from corrosion and weatherability in the long run. These coatings are so formulated so as to withstand the rigors of roll forming, handle harsh exterior and interior extremes etc.

Product range for automotives includes products used for making profiles for door and windows, roof rails, wipers, specialized coatings for automobile, specialized paints for printable PP for bumpers PP copolymer for high ESR etc…

& Leadership

American Precoat manufactures wide range of speciality chemicals which caters to industries such as Polymers and Coatings. We make specialized resins and flow additives for various applications, such as industrial coatings. Our products are based on traditional and modern technologies such as high solids, low on VOC and GREEN TECHNOLOGY. We produce Polyesters, Polyurethanes, Polyols, and Acrylic to name a few.

Pharmaceutical Products generally require a standard of packaging, which is superior to that of most of other products in order to support and comply with their main requirements i.e. proven efficacy, safety, uniformity, reproducibility, integrity, purity, minimum side effects, coupled to minimum product liability risks and good shelf life stability. American Precoat has a number of products which are currently catering to the huge and growing requirements of the pharmaceutical industry in the subcontinent.

Domain Expertise

when it comes to Food packaging American Precoat products stands out. Our packaging coatings for Food containers and metal closures are approved and conform to European Union Regulations and USFDA norms and provides customer delight in terms of products performance and meeting the end user requirement. All our internal lacquers are BADGE and NOGE free and comply with USFDA norms with respect to BPA.

American Precoat leads in the Foods & Beverage Packaging Sector on account of state of the art research and development carried out by American Precoat Research Foundation, to meet the constantly changing requirements of the industry. Our sealants are currently used in over 36 countries around the world. This experience and client feedback encourages us to develop tailor made solutions for their specific requirements and environmental conditions. Our products includes specialized lining systems which are Mineral and medical Oil free and have zero Migration and neutral to taste.



The best way to get started on the path to success is by understanding and embracing a well articulated vision. Because when that’s shared, the road to your goal becomes smoother.

And everything from the creative process straight through to the finished product becomes a lot easier as well.

Our role as an industry leader is to create performance driven solutions for your applications. We are constantly striving to learn market needs and then developing applications that provide specific and comprehensive packages for them.

When you work with American Precoat, you get a partner – dedicated towards the benefit of the customer and we work to add value to the customer’s products.



Green is an attitude a commitment and a responsibility. To achieve success, being green intertwines design and sustainability.
For many years American Precoat has been inspired by our desire for sustainable design in harmony with nature, so we have continually explored new ways to blend technology with greener thinking.

Setting new standards in sustainability includes not only workplace safety and environmental stewardship, but also excellence in corporate responsibility and maintaining the highest ethical towards.

Winner of Malcolm Bal Bridge Innovation Award.

Winner of Geneva Star Quality Award in Geneva 2005.Nomination for Who’s who award in the field of Science and Technology in 2007. ISO 9001-2008 quality management standards.

Of all that American Precoat creator, it is the nurturing of our green culture that we are most proud of. The solutions both you and your customers are looking for only happen when we are all environmentally and socially responsible

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