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Our Values & Ethics

Safety Health and Environmental Excellence is
fundamental to Demonstrating the values and Goals of World Class Company

Safety Health and Environmental Excellence is fundamental to demonstrating the values and goals of a world class company.

Our Approach
Operating out of Noida, India, American Precoat’s history can be traced back as far as 1991. Our subsequent development has been the result of organic growth and a carefully planned growth chart with divestments and diversifications, which has successfully integrated a diversity of companies.

Our Values Ethics
Pursuit of excellence Furnishing goods and services that meet our customers and society needs.
Results Oriented Providing employees with a safe, healthy and fulfilling work environment.
Customer Focus Offering our shareholders a superior return on investments.
Team Work Contributing as a Global Corporate Citizen to each nation and community in which we operate.
Respect for People

We aim to make sure that our world class status remains intact.

We aim to make sure that our world class status remains intact.We owe our success to people. Because of that, the long term future of the Company is highly dependent on finding the right employees, talented individuals who thrive on challenge and change. To be the best we have to attract the best and the more successful we are in harnessing creative expertise, the more we move forward as a world class company.

Concern for environment and the health and safety of our workforce are also critical to successful operations. So constant efforts are made to ensure that there is no negative environmental impact of our products and we work tirelessly to ensure that our employees come to no harm, because no body goes to work to get hurt.

But what about the outside world? Well, strong links with the community are a long standing American Precoat tradition. At our American Precoat Research Foundation we constantly work towards making the environment more eco friendly to live in, having developed products which are Low on Carbon footprints. All our products meet the stringent quality standards as prescribed by European Union and USFDA laws.

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