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American Precoat manufactures wide range of speciality chemicals which caters to industries such as Polymers and Coatings. We make specialized resins and flow additives for various applications, such as industrial coatings. Our products are based on traditional and modern technologies such as high solids, low on VOC and GREEN TECHNOLOGY. We produce Polyesters, Polyurethanes, Polyols, and Acrylic to name a few.

Pharmaceutical Products generally require a standard of packaging, which is superior to that of most of other products in order to support and comply with their main requirements i.e. proven efficacy, safety, uniformity, reproducibility, integrity, purity, minimum side effects, coupled to minimum product liability risks and good shelf life stability. American Precoat has a number of products which are currently catering to the huge and growing requirements of the pharmaceutical industry in the subcontinent.

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