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Domain Expertise -9

Domain Expertise

when it comes to Food packaging American Precoat products stands out. Our packaging coatings for Food containers and metal closures are approved and conform to European Union Regulations and USFDA norms and provides customer delight in terms of products performance and meeting the end user requirement. All our internal lacquers are BADGE and NOGE free and comply with USFDA norms with respect to BPA.

American Precoat leads in the Foods & Beverage Packaging Sector on account of state of the art research and development carried out by American Precoat Research Foundation, to meet the constantly changing requirements of the industry. Our sealants are currently used in over 36 countries around the world. This experience and client feedback encourages us to develop tailor made solutions for their specific requirements and environmental conditions. Our products includes specialized lining systems which are Mineral and medical Oil free and have zero Migration and neutral to taste.

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