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Solutions for the Bakeware Industry

The Bakeware industry has developed products that create several challenges for material suppliers.

When trying to achieve durable and consistent sprayed-on, non-stick coatings with complex contours, material suppliers must rise to the occasion.  American Precoat offers a cost-efficient alternative in the form of pre-coated metal coils that are ready for final forming into your products, eliminating the time and labor required for post-coating finished products.

Pre-painted Metals Offer A Number Of Benefits To The Bakeware Industry:

  • Resistance to rust – Our coating provides uniform coverage and adhesion across the entire surface, eliminating the voids in corners and rolled edges that sometimes occur with sprayed finishes that may be prone to rust.
  • Uniform coating and color – Coating is applied evenly across the metal which eliminates drip marks and discoloration blotches associated with other application methods.
  • Resistance to abrasion and denting – coated coil non-stick finishes have been shown to be much more durable than spray-coated finishes, which are subject to brittleness and are prone to cracking.
  • Flexibility –Our coating permits easy flexibility for changes in color, type and quality level of the non-stick finish desired.
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