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Fuel Systems

In case of Fuel Tanks, material suppliers face some challenges. Any kind of fuel tanks have to handle two different types of environments. The exterior of automotive fuel tanks have to fight with the harsh elements, such as road salt, slush, snow, ice, rainwater, stones and assorted road debris for the life of the vehicle and the inside of the tank also presents a challenge in that the material must resist the corrosive chemical attack of various fuel additives while maintaining a benign relationship with everything from pure gasoline to various and constantly-changing formulations of bio-fuels.

These materials must be highly formable into complex shapes, weldable and readily available in high volumes. American precoat is uniquely equipped to handle all of these challenges with our ultra durable repainted electrogalvanizing steel. Our electro-galvanised line is also capable of providing the more common electrogalvanized coatings when required.

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