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These specialized coatings stand up to the challenging demands of small to medium sized munitions by withstanding the heat and lubricity characteristics required.
Combined with our state-of-the-art research and development center in APC’s engineers work hand with our customer’s product development personnel to ensure that the most effective coating and substrate steels are developed.
As in any Consumer Market, the customer is looking for ammunition that is cost effective and without defect. APC is pioneering new coatings and processes that provide cost-effective alternatives to historical munitions coated material options.

Sample Applications
  • Small Ammunition: Specifically Coated Steel for Small Ammunition Applications
  • Sustainability: Coated Steel
  • Corrosion Protection & Control: Corrosion Protection & Control: Corrosion Protective Coating, Paints, Electro-galvanization process
  • High Strength Steel: High Strength Steel: Advance High Strength Steel Coatings
APC’s Munitions Specialized Coatings
  • EG/Acrylic
  • Unique Polymer
  • High Temperature Paint Coatings
  • Including specialized coatings in collaboration with our customers
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