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Roofing & Siding

Architects and building owners are increasingly turning to prepainted metal to meet their design vision for both commercial and residential installations. Prepainted metal’s ability to be formed into almost any shape, excellent resistance to weathering for superior longevity, infinite aesthetic color and texture options, and positive environmental benefits, make it a perfect choice for both interior and exterior construction applications.


Prepainted metal roof panels are produced in a wide array of shapes by a large selection of manufacturers to meet any design need. Metal roofing profiles are generally separated into two major categories including standing seam and formed shapes. Standing seam roofing panels are roll formed into almost any length and are available in both exposed and hidden fastener systems. Formed shape prepainted roofing systems transforms metal roofing into profiles that look like clay tile, slate, cedar shakes, shingles, and more. In addition to beauty, longevity, and functionality, prepainted metal is available in “cool” infrared reflective pigment technology. This technology saves energy (and money) on cooling by helping reduce a building’s interior temperature.


Prepainted metal is a perfect choice for most interior and exterior wall panels. Metal wall panels are available in a large number of differing profiles in ribbed, insulated (foamed), composite, and architectural shallow flat styles.

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