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Architectural Finishes


American Precoat offers GREEN Coil Coatings to its customers. American Precoat Coil Coatings are applied to Cold Rolled Steel, Hot Dipped Galvanized , Galvalume® and Aluminium for many end uses of Architectural purposes.

Coatings are formulated for use on metal roofing, metal building panels, column covers, garage and entry doors, window and door frames, rainware, gutters, siding, fascia trim, HVAC, lighting fixtures, appliances , Aluminium Composite Panels, Claddings, Sidewalls and more.

All of these applications require special properties to handle harsh exterior and interior extremes, such as flexibility, colourfastness, and the ability to perform in a wide range of industrial, commercial and residential applications.

Along with the Topcoats which are available in customized shades, American Precoat Universal and PU Primers are designed to work on difficult substrate and provide exceptional flexibility and adhesion to all topcoating systems. The above two primers are excellent choice to be used on all coil coating substrates.

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