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Electrophoretic/UV Curable/Wood Finishes

Functional Performance Coatings
Low IR Radiance coatings
Custom formulated coatings

Probably this is the product we seldom give it a thought. We are surrounded with products coated with electrophoretic coatings. These are specialized coating systems which goes on Mobile Phones, which is used most commonly by every one of us. On offer are finishes as per customers delight.

UV Curable Coatings
We make UV curable coatings for various applications, such as Any Plastics like Flower Pots, Consumables, Cosmetic tubes , Toothpaste tubes etc

Coatings for Plastics
Look around you, the articles of daily use in your household such as television, Music system, Desktop computer, Laptops, etc are having a coating. We make this specialized coating system for Consumer electronics , Computers , Sporting Goods and Cosmetic Packaging.

Wood Coatings
As mentioned earlier we are present in every day life in some form or the other. The furniture in your home or office probably must be having a wood coating developed by American Precoat. We care for the environment and therefore have launched water based wood coatings. These coatings are available in various shades, textures.

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