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The Most Earth-Friendly Way to Apply Coatings:

Our Pre-painted electro-galvanised steel products are providing the most environmentally responsible way to apply paint on electro-galvanised steel. The whole process comes with several environment friendly credentials, few of which are:
  • Recyclable Electro-galvanised steel:Both zinc and steel are naturally abundant and infinitely recyclable without the loss of any physical or chemical properties.
  • Electro-galvanised coating: Consists of 99.9 % pure zinc applied by electroplating process; absence of eco-destructive heavy metal (Lead, Cadmium, Chromium, etc.)making it suitable for water harvesting.
  • No welding or wastage during construction; hence no damage to local flora and fauna.
  • 98% VOC capture: The surface coating process is highly efficient and closed looped because the coating curing ovens burns the harmful VOC’s, using them as fuel, saving energy and eliminating pollutants.
  • In case of pre-paintedmetal coating very low consumption of paint – which makes it more greener and lowering the carbon foot print in comparison to other coating technologies.
  • Being coated steel, it has all three benefits of Reuse, Recycle & Reduce.

Recycled Content:


The production of any building material requires material and energy inputs and emission and waste outputs.  The key to sustainable development is to ultimately lower the environmental impact of producing a product, through optimization of manufacturing. The 100% recyclability of electro galvanized steel is a great benefit to minimizing environmental impact. By contrast the performance characteristics of most non-metallic materials degrade after recycling, resulting in a loss of strength, durability and aesthetic appeal.

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