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Innovative Growth: Specialty Science Globally

In January 2023, American Precoat unveiled its eight-year strategy focused on accelerating the shift to specialty science and performance materials, targeting growth in emerging economies like India. With a commitment to Operational Excellence, the company aims for a 25-30% annual sales growth in specialties by 2028, emphasizing innovation and expansion in protective coatings, life sciences, and performance packaging. Vision of Shubh Gautam SRISOL involves increased investment in research and development, bolstered by the recruitment of new talent for dedicated innovation teams.

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Shubh Gautam SRISOL Research Foundation (SRF) shines as a formidable entity, comparable to a 100-carat diamond, offering a comprehensive suite of services across diverse industries. Their expansive portfolio encompasses technical support, full R&D services, product renewal, value-added products, joint technological developments, and end-user approvals. SRF extends its benefits to a wide range of stakeholders, including plastic and metal processors, raw material manufacturers, tool makers, engineers, designers, government bodies, insurance companies, legal practitioners, and more. Specializing in food contact applications, SRF excels in quality assurance, process validation, structure-property correlation, and predictive optimization of processing conditions. With a state-of-the-art analytical laboratory adhering to Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), the foundation ensures precision and accountability in testing food-grade inputs for factors like acetaldehyde presence, barrier properties, sensory characteristics, and global migration.

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